Utilize vertical space with pallet racking

In a warehouse, storage facility, distruction center, or any factory that houses materials and products, how things are stored is pivotal.

Every type of product is unique though.

No matter the specifications, a pallet racking system is a worthwhile consideration. The height and weight factors in what kind of material the pallet rack they sit on is made out of. The shape and priority of the product also contributes to how accessible the product is on the rack. Most of the time the key is to have optimal floor space. Warehouse square footage is always in high demand. The more space used the better. One place that often gets overlooked is upwards. Pallet rack systems open up the possibility of vertical space. They use the full building height to their advantage. Heavy-duty storage racks and wire decks protect stacked goods from sustaining any damage in placement and removal. Selective pallet racking is probably the ideal option for vertical space. This is a low density storage design that promotes high selectivity. A forklift driver can readily access the products in multiple bays at the same time. As a modular system, the selective pallet racking can be configured to your exact storage needs. You can transform a selective pallet rack system into an industrial shelving unit by adding wire mesh or solid decking. The mesh is nice for smaller products, like a carton, that could fall between the beams. For narrow aisles, you want to maximize mobility. That is why building up is ideal for a warehouse that needs space saving tactics.

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