Top 3 Commercial Uses Of Scaffolding

Top 3 Commercial Uses Of Scaffolding

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Scaffolding has been around for thousands of years, although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when scaffolding was first in use. Scaffolding can be defined as temporary structure that is used to support workers and materials in the construction or maintenance and repair of structures. With this being said, I’m sure that even the early cavemen moved rocks temporarily to assist them in building shelter or shade! Scaffolding is essentially the backbone of modern construction, with all new buildings using one form or another.

Despite the rapid evolution of technology, safety is still a primary concern when it comes to scaffolding. In Australia, the construction industry is in the top five industries with the most accidents or injuries, so naturally there are strict rules and regulations due to the inherent dangers and hazards involved in scaffold use. As a result, scaffolding must be assembled and disassembled only by qualified technicians, and regular inspections must be carried out to ensure they are consistently safe for use.

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Putting safety concerns aside, there are a variety of different types of scaffolding available today to suit specific purposes; from single scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, and suspended scaffolding to name a few. Whether you’re constructing a skyscraper, painting your house, or undertaking some DIY home repairs, scaffolding is widely used by a vast range of people. To give you a greater understanding of just how important scaffolding has become in our society, let’s take a closer look at the top three commercial uses of scaffolding.

  1. Construction

All construction companies use scaffolding equipment to assist them in completing their projects on-time and on budget. Depending on the size of the job and how many workers are required, there may be a range of scaffolding equipment needed for the same project. Whether it’s small or large scale, residential or commercial, scaffolding is used by roughly two-thirds of workers in the construction industry. A common example of scaffolding equipment used in the construction industry is steel scaffolding, which is constructed by steel tubes and fastened together by steel couplers and fittings. This type of scaffolding has enormous strength and durability and istherefore used extensively in construction.

  1. Repairs & Renovations

Repairs and renovations is big business in today’s times simply because buildings and other structures are rarely demolished anymore. As a result, repairs and renovations are necessary to ensure the structural integrity and safety of buildings and other structures, such as bridges and tunnels. Historical structures and landmarks also require regular repairs to ensure they remain in good condition and to preserve our cultural history. In these cases, scaffolding may even be customised to meet the unique requirements of the work involved. For instance, scaffolding may not be able to rest on the sides of a historical structure because of its fragility, so designers must construct customised scaffolding equipment to suit the individual requirements.

  1. Events& Entertainment

The third most common use of commercial scaffolding is in the events and entertainment industry. Live concert and event stages can sometimes reachmassive heights, so scaffolding is needed to assist these companies in not only building the stages, but also the lights and sound systems too. Furthermore, temporary grandstand seating may also be required for larger events in outdoor arenas which also require a sizeable amount of scaffolding. Since most modern scaffolding systems are modular in their design, they can be built over, under, and around most project specifications.

Depending upon your individual needs, commercial scaffolding equipment can be either rented or purchased, however keep in mind that different scaffolding companies will fluctuate significantly with their prices and terms. If you’re considering hiring or buying scaffolding for your next project, talk to the experts before making any decisions. Uni-Span is one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable scaffolding and formwork companies, so if you have any questions or concerns, get in contact with them on 1300 882 825.

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