Strong Investments Continues to Flourish within the UK

Strong Investments Continues to Flourish within the UK

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London City. Modern skyline of business district.

Foreign investors have made the UK their favorite property investment spot. It is because of various reasons; the strong and stable economy is the foremost in line, followed closely by huge increase in property prices. Not only the property prices have seen to double every decade,but they also provide decent yields.

The UK rising as a hub of investments

The investors have overcome the fear of price drops due to Brexit. The year 2017 has seen a plunging 26 percent increase in real estate investment. This has made a strong impact to attract more investment.

The World Bank has also given its vote of confidence to the UK as the favorite business destination with easy rules and registration factors for the global investors.

The investment has thus poured into office and industrial sectors. The main investors belong to North America, Japan, China,and India. The Asian investors have made a mark with a fifth of total shares to their name.

Political stability in the UK has also attracted investment from the fellow European countries. France, Germany,and Italy are the three major European investors. Property forecast predicts an increase in prices following UK’s exit from the European Union in 2019.

2018 is set to mark an even more boost to the property markets in London with projects like Crossrail, Thameslink,and HS2 on the way to completion. The north of UK is going to benefit from the powerhouse project. With both of these projects underway, there have been permissions for building new houses in those areas.

The pivotal role of London being both; the industrial hub thus creating employment opportunities and the educational oxford that it is thus the center for students, cannot be neglected. People involved in both the sectors are constantly looking for better and cheaper options in the city resulting in the sky-high property costs.

London has also made news for leases of headquarters of famous companies like Snapchat, Apple,and Facebook. The investors have always been in favor of investment due to the extremely low-interest rates which go in their favor. The low mortgage costs and interest rates have poured investment from all sectors.

Stamp duty cuts, low tax percentages,anda ban on agency fees are additional motivational factors for the buyers and investors. This opens up opportunities for the first-time home buyers and provides the much-needed relief from the rent prices.

All the above factors have set the stage for an open and exciting property drama,and thus the years 2018 and 2019 are going to witness huge investments in the UK.

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