Single mom can’t keep up with house and expenses

I am a single mom of three kids who works full time and manages a home.

I also keep up with the extracurricular activities and school obligations of my children. I make sure to frequently check in with my parents, drive them to medical appointments and help with anything they need. My life is extremely busy. I held on to the house I inherited from my grandmother for almost four years. I was completely overwhelmed by the necessary upkeep, continual repairs and expense. I finally got in touch with a real estate agent with the plan to sell. The realtor agreed to sell the house in as-is condition, but there would still be inspection fees, closing costs and commissions to deal with. I realized that the process was going to be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. I would potentially walk away with considerably less money than I needed and hoped for. A co-worker of mine recommended that I contact a cash home buyer. I was able to find a local Jacksonville, Florida, company that is family-owned and has built a solid reputation. Initially, I was a little skeptical. However, it was something that I needed to do because paying taxes on a vacant home and handling the utilities and landscaping was draining my budget for no reason. When I filled out the online form, I received a fair offer within twenty-four hours. Because I had a few questions, I reached out by phone. I was very impressed with the personalized service, straightforward information and quick turnaround of every stage of the process.

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