Should I invest in a heat interface unit?

Should I invest in a heat interface unit?

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If you’re the landlord of an apartment building or block of flats, it’s important to be aware of Heat Interface Units. Such units have become an increasingly popular option for use in large multi-residency buildings and here we take at the main reasons why you should choose to invest.

A technical solution for a multi-dwelling property

Traditionally, each residence in a large complex is fitted with an individual heating system, such as a combi boiler or electrical heater. Yes, these systems do the job. But they have also been associated with a number of different issues – including problems with temperature control, quality and maintenance – and this is where a centralised heater and Heat Interface Unit can be of benefit.

A Heat Interface Unit acts as a bridge between a central boiler system (somewhere in the building) and a heating system inside each individual residence. It is the ‘middle man’, using one or more plate heat exchangers to transfer energy from one place to another. This process is known as indirect heating and it can help to eliminate many of the common issues outlined above.

Benefits of a Heat Interface Unit

A Heat Interface Unit has many advantages over a traditional multi-residency system, including:

  1. Instant heat and hot water

All residents inside the building are able to heat their home or run hot water, at whatever time they wish. The effects are instant and temperature control is found to be much better than before.

  1. Reliable meter-reading function

Fitted with its own meter, a Heat Interface Unit will generate a heating bill for each individual residence. This bill is based on the resident’s specific level of consumption and is very accurate.

  1. Simple installation and maintenance

A Heat Interface Unit is very easy to install and, by completing simple maintenance checks on a regular basis, it is possible to prolong the lifespan of the technology and avoid costly repairs.

Get in touch with Heat Link UK today

If you would like to find out more about Heat Interface Units and how they could be of benefit to you, it’s worth getting in touch with an industry leader, such as Heatlink. They provide fit-for-purpose Heat Interface Units for group and district heating schemes – including both standard and bespoke models – and have worked on many landmark projects throughout the years.

Visit their website for more information on how a heat interface unit works and, if you have any questions, why not get in touch? Either give them a call on 0114 231 3700 or send an email to and one of their experts will be more than happy to help.

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