Selling a house out of state

I recently inherited a home due to a death in the family.

Due to my financial situation and the steady decline of the condition of the house, I wanted to sell it as quickly as possible.

I wasn’t interested in investing time and money into repairs, dealing with inspections or enduring a lengthy process. There was a very small possibility of the property qualifying for insurance or bank loans. I knew that finding a seller would prove difficult. I was also reluctant to work with a realtor and sacrifice a percentage of the sales. My biggest concern was the hassle of driving several hours each way between my home in Georgia and the property in Jacksonville, Florida. I knew that every time there was an issue with the house, meeting with a potential seller or consultation with a service professional, I’d need to make that commute. I am attempting to work my way out of debt. I work extremely long hours and simply don’t have any available free time. Plus, the cost of gas would add up quickly. When I decided to sell the house for cash, I researched companies that are local to Jacksonville. I wanted someone who knew the neighborhood and the market. Choosing a family-owned company proved beneficial. Every person I dealt with was compassionate, efficient and honest. After receiving a cash offer, I had some questions. They took the time to explain all aspects of the process. I was happy that the process moved along swiftly and easily. There was no confusion or delays. I was able to be rid of the home in approximately ten days.


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