Selling a fire damaged home for cash

I always have a million things going on in my head. I am constantly trying to do more than one task. I like to do all my chores around the house at the same time. So I had dinner on the stove top. I was frying sausage, veggies, and had noodles in a pot. I also was mopping my floors and in between scrubbing my bathrooms. I must have gotten too into the cleaning aspect. All of a sudden my smoke alarms started blaring. It took me forever to make the alarm quiet and I then noticed the kitchen was a mess. The sausages lit on fire, got my curtains on fire and it was getting out of control. I managed to contain the fire to the kitchen. The fire damage was horrible. I would have needed to redo the entire kitchen. The cabinets, flooring, walls, all of it was a mess. Even my appliances weren’t safe. The last thing I wanted to do was remodel my kitchen. It was going to be so much money. I really didn’t have that kind of time and cash. So instead I started looking at selling the place. Let it be someone else’s problem. When you have homes in bad conditions, you kind of need to look at buyers. So a real estate agent wasn’t going to cut it. I needed to find a local cash home buyer in Jax, FL who would take it off my hands. Thankfully the Jacksonville real estate company that I worked with was great. They didn’t need me to do anything but sign everything over. We agreed on a price and that was it. Now I am way better about fires in my house.


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