Knightsbridge Furniture Review

Knightsbridge Furniture Review

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There are tens of thousands of furniture makers around the world. But Knightsbridge furniture stands head and shoulders above the rest. The hugely successful company designs, produces, distributes, and delivers its range of gorgeous and distinct tables, sofas, and chairs.

The company is known for supplying stylish furnishings not only to homes and hotels, but also to hospitals, hospices, and institutions.

An Esteemed History That Goes Back Decades

Knightsbridge furniture has been in the business for almost eight decades now. Since its inception in 1939, the company has been creating and developing high-quality British furniture pieces from its Yorkshire headquarters.

The company prides itself from being self-contained and efficient. From the timber mill to the design board, straight to manufacturing and delivery, Knightsbridge does it all and does it well. They have successfully integrated traditional woodworking with the latest manufacturing processes.

Furniture That’s Handmade and Excellent

One thing that sets Knightsbridge apart from other furniture makers is how it retains its local flair and attention to detail in every step of the production process. Each part of the furniture is individually made, with the person handling the piece unaware of what the end product would be. This strategy is to ensure that they’re able to provide the same degree of effort and energy in every piece.

Knightsbridge is also adamant about its decision to forego automation. The company has instead opted to keep using a pool of talented craftspeople. The skill of their employees is also something that the furniture firm is proud of. From the design team to the engineers, to the seamstresses and woodworker sanding a chair leg, you can see and feel the human touch.

Healthcare and Hospice Can Also be Stylish

The company is also renowned for being one of the leading suppliers of healthcare furniture. As with all their items, their healthcare furniture range are carefully conceptualized by Knightsbridge’s award-winning designers. The company is steadfast in consulting with expert healthcare professionals so that every product they put out is perfect for the industry and the user.

The company’s hospital recliner chairs are the perfect melding of form and function. One prime example is the Miami Tilt In recliner. The chair can be reclined fully so that users can sleep comfortably. It can be tilted easily into a recovery position to alleviate seizures. The designers included a drop-arm feature to quickly transfer patients and padded leg support to keep the user comfortable. The back cushions are removable for quick cleaning. Aside from the standard black and chrome, the company also offers it in white, maroon, and light blue.

Challenging Environments Can be Comfortable

Knightsbridge is also designing furniture that’s ideal for challenging environments and behavior. This specific collection includes fixed dining units, upholstered seats, anti-ligature furniture for bathrooms and bedrooms, bean bags, and bariatric chairs. Each piece was designed and developed with the particular needs of care providers and individual users in mind. These pieces can be used safely in environments like mental health facilities and young offenders institutions.

This collection’s furniture pieces are all robust and secure. They are also safe to use, with no hard edges or pointed parts. More importantly, they’re stylish and unique. Take the Bugatti Grande Club Extreme bariatric chair. It has a compact design, with a solid back and firm. But it’s ready for anything, and comes with security screws; a reinforces frame, and solid reinforced feet. While it’s meant to withstand extreme behaviors, its black and yellow color scheme look out of place in a chic cafe.

Award Winning Workplace Furniture

Knightsbridge also designs bespoke furniture for the workplace. Their take on modern coffee tables, meeting room seats, stools, tables, and modular office sofas are sleek, stylish, and versatile. While the design is decidedly contemporary and informal, it was still created with the wellbeing of the user in mind. The company wants to help create a workspace that encourages productivity and creativity.

The company’s BeQuiet Range certainly makes that possible. The collection’s modular layout allows offices to design their work and learning areas. The BeQuiet bays also ensures privacy and flexibility. It comes in three or four-sided models, with both right and left-hand configurations available. It also comes with a floating table and provisions for lighting and power sockets.

Knightsbridge furniture has proven over the years that furnishings in hospitals, care homes, and hospices can be warm, welcoming, stylish, and modern while still being functional and sturdy. The company will ensure that form will not suffer because of function.