Ideas for Saving Space in the Fitted Bedrooms

Ideas for Saving Space in the Fitted Bedrooms

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If you have a small room, then the thought of maximizing the storage space is something that would have crossed your mind more than once in all these years. The designers of current times, can’t really emphasize enough on the importance of having ample of storage space in one’s room and house in general.This is why we have brought to you some of our best tips for saving space when it comes to fitted bedrooms.

1.      Organize the wardrobe

If you think that having all your clothes lying around haphazardly will create more space for you, then you are wrong. It will, in fact, make the room look messier and cluttered for your piece of mind. The best way to save storage space is to organize your wardrobe and make sure that by the end of the day everything is right where it needs to be. It will also give you an idea of the unused space in the wardrobe that you can make use of. Spending on closet organizers is another investment that would pay down the line.

2.      Nightstands

They don’t necessarily have to be for your clothes. The nightstands can be used to hang on a couple of things from your room to create more floor space for you to walk around without knocking your kneesagainst sharp edges.

3.      Open wardrobes

Have you considered the idea of having openwardrobes in the room? It is something which works really well especially if you have a small bedroom. The fitted bedroom wardrobe when is made to be open, makes the room look spacious and a lot more comfortable. Apart from this, you can also go for bespoke fitted wardrobes as they will allow you to create a look for your room just how you would like it to be.

4.      Color selection

It has been seen that rooms that are slightly bigger in size tend to support dark colors better. However, if the same color schemes are applied to smaller rooms, they will look more cramped up and suffocate. So, from the wardrobe you chose to the curtains you approve, everything needs to be in light colors to create a cozy living space for you.

5.      Stripes

One design idea to consider here would be to add stripes to the walls to make the room look wider and bigger than it really is. Soft color schemes along with horizontal stripes on the walls are one of the oldest tricks in the books to make the room look airy and bright.

6.      Hidden storage

It could be a bed with hidden drawers or seat by the window which will act as a basket, having fitted bedroom furniture that will increase storage space in the room in clever hidden ways is always an idea worth considering.

Creating more storage space in the room is something which will make the room more comfortable for you and give it a more modern and elegant look.

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