Different types of solar energy inverters to buy

Different types of solar energy inverters to buy

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In solar energy system, inverter plays a very crucial and important role and inverter is considered as the heart of the solar system project. Whether you have 2 kilo watt of residential solar power system or 5 mega watt of system, inverter performs the basic and most important function and that is to convert the direct current into the alternating current and run the electricity throughout the space.

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In recent years, technology of the solar inverter has got very much advanced as it not only does the work of  converting the current into DC to AC but do many other things as well such as ensuring the maximum performance by ensuring the data monitoring, advanced utility controls. Inverters can now also diagnose the problem as it helps the mechanics to know exactly where the fault occurs. Solar inverters are nowadays available in many different types such as –

String inverters –In these systems, solar panels are installed in a row, for example – If there are 25 panels then there are 5 rows and in each row there are 5 panels installed in it.  Many strings are connected with a single string inverter. Each of the strings is connected with the DC power produced by the solar panels and it also produces to the string inverter where it gets converted into the usable power of the AC consumed as electricity. Also, make sure that strings get a proper sun shade and no tree shadow or any kind of shadow comes in the way otherwise performance of the inverter gets reduced.

Central inverters –These inverters are very much similar to the string inverters and they are very much larger as compared to other types of inverters and it also supports the great string of panels. In this inverter stringsdo not run directly into the inverter instead of strings are connected with each other over a common combiner box that converts the DC into the AC.

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