Being a landlord didn’t pan out

I decided to buy up some real estate in Jax, Florida.

I thought it would be a good retirement project for me.

I would own a few rentals, live off the rent, and do a bit of handyman work. Well it turned out to be a lot of work. My tenants constantly were calling me about squishy floors, issues with plumbing, no AC, the works. I also had a lot of upkeep when it came to painting, lawn work, and cleaning. Anytime someone moved out it was on me to find a new tenant. I would interview, background check, and get the place ready. I worked harder than before I retired. How awful is that? So I decided that I was sick of being a landlord. My next order of business was to sell my rentals. I thought about listing but I knew it would take time. I didn’t want to eat a piecemeal either. I wanted them all to go at the same time. I wanted to get in and get out. Just be done with it. Well my only option was to sell my rental properties fast for cash. A cash offer from a Jax real estate agent was quite nice. The guy gave me a bulk price for everything. I didn’t need to evict anyone, I didn’t need to clean, no repairs needed, and there were no hidden fees. That seemed way too good to be true. I just signed some papers and then was done with it. I was really relieved to throw in the towel. I am just not cut out to be a landlord. I didn’t need the extra money. Now I can finally give and really relax. I will never own a rental again.

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